Hair Oil Formula

Oil Part

  • Coconut Oil – 50
  • Gingelly Oil- 30%
  • Almond Oil- 15%

Kalkam / Swarasam Part

  • Amla Juice- 25%
  • Bringaraj Swarnam- 25%
  • Aloe vera Juice – 25%
  • Cows Milk- 25%


First Boil Coconut Oil and Gingelly oil in a Mild flame, Start adding all Kalkam parts to the oil and wait till all the water contents in the oil to get evaporated. After confirming the water content vaporized filter the oil and keep it separate now add almond oil and vitamin E to the Filtered oil. Now hair oil is ready to use this spirally prepared oil daily to get luxurious soft and hair

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