Udwarthanam - Sri Selvam Ayurveda


UDWARTHANAM is a deep massage using herbal powders (dry and wet) to stimulate subcutaneous cellulite tissue to break down, it aids in reducing blood cholesterol,…

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Shirodhara - Sri Selvam Ayurveda


Shiro means head and dhara means to flow. It involves the consistent flow of aromatic oils specifically on the ‘third eye’ – the chakra point…

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Pizhichil - Sri Selvam Ayurveda


This therapy is a beautiful combination of two classical Ayurvedic treatments, Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (sudation). The whole body is bathed in streams of lukewarm…

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Navarakizhi - Sri Selvam Ayurveda


Navarakizhi is a nourshing therapy. A special variety of Red rice called navara is used in this treatment. It is also known as shasitka shali…

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nasyam - Sri Selvam Ayurveda


A concession of herbal extracts and oils are carefully prepared to exact specifications and is gently dropped into the nostrils methodically , while inhaling. Then,…

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Leech Therapy - Sri Selvam Ayurveda

Leech Therapy

Leech therapy has been proven to help patients suffering from venous diseases. It can help reduce the pain and the swelling felt from varicose veins,…

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Ksheera Dhara - Sri Selvam Ayurveda

Ksheera Dhara

This relaxing and refreshing full body massage is a masterpiece of Ayurveda treatment. It is done with medicated herbal oils. The number of strokes and…

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Kati Vasti - Sri Selvam Ayurveda

Kati Vasti

Kati vasthi is a special therapy prescribed in lower back ache problems, siatica, various spine conditions , disc prolapse.Ayurvedic terms the waist is known as…

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Janu Vasthi - Sri Selvam Ayurveda

Janu Vasthi

Knee pain is one of the common health issues we encounter in the modern day clinics. There are many conditions which produce knee pain and…

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Ela Kizhi - Sri Selvam Ayurveda

Ela Kizhi

Ela Kizhi is also known as Patra pinda swedam. In this therapy herbal leaves are made into a bolus and hot fomentation is done with…

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Bashpa Swedam - Sri Selvam Ayurveda

Bashpa Swedam

Bashpa swedam is a type of hot fomentation therapy. In this method a specialised chamber made with medicated wood. This chamber is filled with medicated…

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Sri Selvam - Ayurveda Clinic in Chennai

Ayurveda Facial

Our face is the window to our soul and it represents all our emotions and capacity. Hence it is essential to have healthy even toned…

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