Piles or hemorrhoids is a varicose and often inflamed condition of the veins about the lower end of the bowel. Hemorrhoids are either external Internal or mixed. In external piles, there is not much bleeding but a lot of pain, whereas the internal piles consist of the discharge of several ounces of dark blood.

A pile is not a disease in the strictest sense of the term but a symptom. Even modern medicine recognizes this since its practitioners agree that it is caused primarily by constipation. The Pressure applied to void a constipated bowel tends to distend the veins and the external pile’s mat is swollen causing pain making it difficult for the patient to sit. The piles become enlarged and red and give off him blood stained discharge.

Allopathy depends more on surgery than drugs in the case of intractable piles, but even removal of the offending party does not give relief since the disease is likely to recur.


Treatment of piles must start with treatment of the basic cause and that is constipation.T he diet of a person suffering from piles even though different from the one recommended for dealing with constipation.

The best regimen for the piles patient could be to breakfast on papaya, Muskmelon, and milk for lunch he should have porridge and leafy vegetables and his dinner should consist of

Any Vegetable and raisins

Vegetables, figs, and currants in addition to some bread

Fruits and coconut or cooked vegetable in medium quantities.

Dry fruits like raisin, currants, and figs could be taken up to 200 grammes at one time but the best way is to soak them in about 400 milliliters of water. The flesh of fresh coconut could be taken up to 125 grammes and dry coconut up to 75 grammes at one time.

The above regimen will give relief in a majority of the cases but in chronic or intractable cases where the patient passes dry hard school aggravating his condition flea seed is recommended. Flea seed or its husk should be taken in small quantities of five to ten grammes. The best way is to soak it in water, 20 times its volume for 24 hours and take it before every meal. The quantity should be reducing me when the condition improves.

Persons suffering from piles are generally in the habit of taking less water than their bodies need. They must drink 2 to 3 liters of water in 24 hours.

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  1. Very nice and useful information about piles cure at home. I must say that all these home remedies do work only on piles in their first or second stage. If the problem escalates further then some good medicine for piles is required to get complete cure.

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